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  • The Information Security Policy defines the policies and supporting standards that, when implemented, shall ensure the consistent application of information security throughout the Department of Public Work (DPW) with the objective that the interests / information of DPW are adequately protected against loss, improper disclosure and unauthorized modification. The Information Security Policies is based on the information security principles:
  • Confidentiality: protecting sensitive information, including intellectual copyright, from unauthorized disclosure or intelligible interception;
  • Integrity: safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information and computer software;
  • Availability: ensuring that information and vital services are available to users when required.
  • DPW’s Information Security Policy is that all information assets must be protected from according to its sensitivity. Protection is achieved by a combination of technical and non-technical safeguards. Information may be shared with others when it is in the company’s interest, and when it is legal to do so.
  • Ensure the implementation of Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO27001:2013.
  • Providing strict security controls over the main critical systems including customer database
  • Providing the opportunities for customer to utilize DPW electronic and smart services in secured manner with confidence
  • Providing controlling process over the DPW employees activities with regard to the customers confidential information. This will ensure protection of the customer's rights through creation of an atmosphere of confidence, security and stability
  • Ensuring regulatory and legislative requirements will be met by complying with appropriate local laws.
  • Ensuring that Risk Assessment is conducted and Risk Treatment Plan (RTP) are controlled and maintained
  • Business Continuity Plans are produced, maintained and tested as far as practicable
  • Information security awareness is maintained.
  • All security breaches and suspected weaknesses are reported and investigated.
  • Management commitment is established and maintained to support the overall ISMS implementation
  • The Information Security Policies applies to all users, and suppliers that have access to our information and associated information processing systems, and applies equally to management, permanent and temporary staff, contractors, partners, & service providers.
  • This policy has been reviewed and approved by Management of DPW. It is reviewed for its continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness during management reviews and on as needed basis.