How do you find our website?

The Directorate is committed to achieve the satisfaction of its customers and is working to provide all channels of communication to them, in addition to strengthening the means of secure transactions and always adhere to the principles of collecting personal information and use in a safe and optimal way.

Secure transmission of information

This site is committed to providing adequate protection for the information you provide to us. There are electronic, physical and legal safeguards to protect your confidential information. In addition, we encrypt information that is sensitive or data that needs to be kept confidential in accordance with legal requirements

Protection of personal information

Your personal information will only be available to employees of the Directorate whose work conditions require access to this information, knowing that they are responsible for ensuring that this information is not provided for public viewing or use. None of this information will be exchanged without your prior consent.

Right to preview, modify or correct personal data

Any user who provides us with personal information may review, modify or correct his personal information at any time.

Sites and other applications

The Directorate’s website contains links to other channels of communication such as the social networks links of the Directorate within the Directorate’s methodology in activating all means of social communication to reach the largest possible segment of the public.