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This page provides services guide for all services in order to facilitate work procedures.

New registration and renewal form for companies
Renovation contractor form Click Here
   New registration form - contractor Click Here
  Registration and renewal form - Consultant  Click Here
  Supplier Registration and Renewal Form  Click Here

General contract for consultants
  General Contract for Consultants  Click Here
  General Contract Extension for Consultants  Click Here

Payment Submission Forms
  Form for submitting a request for payment to the consultant Click Here
  Contractor's Payment Request Form Click Here

Executive Council Legislation
  Pressures issued by the Executive Council  Click Here

Smart applications Click Here

Steps to participate in online Tenders Click Here

Steps to request Payments onlineClick Here

General conditions for tenders  Click Here

Mechanism for applying VAT to projects Click Here

General contract for suppliers Click Here

Steps to submit incident for hotline services Click Here